Safety Newsletters

StaffScapes, Inc. encourages safety for our clients and our employees.  Each month StaffScapes sends out “Safety Matters,” a newsletter to provide awareness of safety issues to you and your employees.  By sharing this information with employees you are creating a safer work environment and reducing the risk of non-productive employees. 

“Safety Matters” encompasses a number of safety related issues.  Although some of the topics may not seem relevant to your business, it gives the employees exposure to issues they may face off the job as well.  Safety meeting compliance can help reduce overall worker compensation costs from an injured employee. 

As you conduct your monthly safety meetings, please have all employees read “Safety Matter” newsletters and sign the safety meeting sign in sheet.  Please return the sign in sheet by fax 303-466-7947 or mail to StaffScapes, Inc.  If there are any questions or concerns please call me at 303-466-7864. 

Contact StaffScapes today if you did not receive your monthly Safety Matters Newsletter.