Background Checks

StaffScapes is please to announce their new partnership is Choice Screening.  Choice Screening is their new Background Check provider.

  • One in 10 applicants have a criminal background.

  • Up to 60 percent of applicants lie or misrepresent their backgrounds on resumes and 9 percent of job applicants falsely claim to have a college degree, list false employers, or identify jobs they never held. 

  •  As many as 30 percent of job seekers exaggerate their accomplishments or past employment.

Background checks are a critical step in the hiring process.  They provide insight into an applicant’s character, honesty, and integrity, as well as discovering any past illegal activity.  They effectively assist employers, guarding against potential negligent hiring lawsuits, as well as provide assurance of a more secure, safe workplace.

By working with Choice Screening – StaffScapes can offer

  • Convenient customized packages or individual services.

  •  Accurate and timely reports at less than normal costs.

  •  Compliance with State and Federal Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA) guidelines.

Contact StaffScapes Payroll Department at 303-466-7864 to discuss how background screens can improve your business.  Information provided by Choice Screening.