Retention Now Top Benefits Objective

StaffScapes, a regional Colorado PEO, key objective is to help clients increase retention by providing better benefits. A recent MetLife study is now saying the same thing that retnetion is key to decreasing cost for small employers and benefits is key.

For the fifth consecutive year, MetLife has surveyed employers and employees across the U.S. and compiled the results in its annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends. Since its inception, the Study has become a definitive guide for employers, intermediaries and the media.

This year’s findings make a compelling case that benefits strategy holds the key to one of employers’ most pressing challenges: the need to recruit and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive labor market.

Employee Retention Takes Center Stage

For the first time in the history of the Study, “retaining employees” was cited as the primary objective of employers offering benefits, followed closely by “controlling costs.”

The challenge for employers is clear: how best to use benefits as a retention tool that meets the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce, while keeping rising costs at a reasonable level.

The Study provides an insightful picture of the U.S. benefits landscape that can help you take action.

Learn more about the study here.