Human Resource best practice checklist

The following practices are effectives ways small business can grow through effective employee management.

Effective people management practices help grow sales and improve profits. These proven practices can positively impact business results.

  • Align recruiting strategy with your business strategy
  • Have consistently high candidate selection standards supported by tools/tests
  • Offer great pay for great candidates
  • Build a reputation as a desirable workplace
  • Align compensation and rewards with your business strategy and individual results
  • Share company business plans, goals and financial results with employees
  • Promote the best and terminate poor performers to create accountability
  • Implement a formal performance management program
  • Build executive trust and leadership integrity
  • Provide job training, job rotation and career development plans
  • Build an attractive workplace culture to lower voluntary turnover
  • Offer attractive health and retirement benefit programs
  • Have a high percentage of employees with equity in your company
  • Offer flexible work arrangements
  • Use HR technology
  • Emphasize job security for good performance
  • Consistently track key HR measures