Preventative Health Care:  Dental & Eye Exams

Did you know a dental or eye exam can help detect developing issues beyond oral and vision health?  Issues including Diabetes, Hypertension, Neurological disorders and several additional health care concerns are often discovered during routine check ups.  As a result, many insurance companies today are increasing the number of visits you can make to your dentist and offering vision coverage through standard medical plans or stand-alone voluntary benefit programs according to Business Insurance Magazine. 

Studies show that routine maintenance leads to early detection and in many situations can prevent the onset of serious conditions.  By finding potential issues before they develop into medical problems, you can often reduce the amount of doctor and hospital visits as well as the costly treatments and expenses associated.  With less on-going claims payments, the insurance companies find that their costs have been reduced and that lower premiums can be offered to employers and their employees.  A benefit for all. 

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