Pinnacol Assurance

New rates and procedures in effect for 2007

Pinnacol Assurance 2007 rates are now in effect. One new procedure that effects business with out of state employees is that you can now obtain that workers compensation insurance with Pinnacol. If you have employees in Colorado or have employees in many states StaffScapes can help you comply with all workers compensation and employment laws. StaffScapes has been working with Pinnacol for many years and has developed a strong relationship to better serve our clients needs.

If you have ever had a problem dealing with a workers compensation carrier we understand how frustrating it can be in dealing with all the red tape when an injury happens. You feel bad enough that an employee got hurt while working for you, now you have to deal with how do I get them back to work also. What letters do I need to send out, how do I get a release from the doctor, what special restrictions do I have to deal with? These are all things that StaffScapes handles for it’s clients as a Professional Employer Organization.  If you have ever had a problem with workers compensation compliance or dealing with a work comp providers contact StaffScapes to have them help you comply with the ever changing procedures and rules.