PEO Health Insurance

Most PEO clients offer Health Insurance to their employees

A majority of small businesses that use a professional employer organization (PEO) offer health benefits to their employees.  More than 700 small businesses that use PEOs, responded to a recent survey commissioned by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).  The survey found that an unusually high percent (95%) of these businesses offer health benefits.  The survey also found that the majority of participants do not plan to raise the cost of these health benefits to the employee, even though average premiums rose 7.7% this year. 

Based on the results of this survey it appears that clients of PEOs deem health insurance to be a vital benefit to employees. Small businesses that use PEOs can reduce the time and cost burden of offering a healthcare plan by allowing the PEO to assume the administration of the plan.  PEOs also offer additional options to manage medical costs through health savings accounts (HSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs), and flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

If you are interested in reducing the burden and cost of providing a health plan to your employees, contact a StaffScapes, Inc. representative to discuss the benefits of partnering with us. You can contact StaffScapes, Inc. at (303)466-7864 or