PEOs and Immigration

Are you ready for the new Immigration laws coming in January? A Professional Employer Organization is ready with a large staff of HR experts to help you stay current and within the new immigration laws

Many state are enacting new immigration rules  on January 1, 2007. Many small employers  and their HR departments are not ready for the new rules. For some of the smaller employers that do not have a Human Resource department they are not even aware of the new rules. In Colorado, you hire an employee that does not have legal status you could be fined up to $5,000.00 dollars for the first offense and $25,000.00 for each additional offense. The new laws also require for you to retain copies of the documents used for employment and completion of the I-9 form. Do you know what a real Social Security card or Green Card looks like. With some of the new laws you will need to know that.

A benefit with working with a PEO is that they must stay on top of all of the new HR, payroll and rules affecting employment. The PEO’s role as employer keeps them up to date on new rules and regulations. Small employers can benefit from this relation by needing to hire counsel or adding an extra employee to there staff. Contact a local PEO to learn how you company can Benefit from that relation ship.

StaffScpaes is a local Denver PEO with over 30 years of PEO experience. They can be reached by calling (303) 466-7864.