Independent Contractor Form

Pinnacol Assurance independent contractor form must be completed before any work can begin by the sub or contractor.

Many employers use Pinnacol Assurance as their provider for Workers compensation in Colorado. Actually more than 60% of Colorado employers us Pinnacol Assurance. With that many employers using one career they have developed certain rules about using Independent Contractors or subs to complete projects. If you hire a sub to work at your site or to do work for you you must request a workers compensation certificate of coverage from that Sub. If you hire a Independent Contractor you must either have a certificate of coverage or have them complete the Independent contractor form that Pinnacol Assurance requires and must approve.  Many employers to not understand that the independent contractor must be approved by Pinnacol before work can begin. If they are not approved your company will be liable for all work comp premium related to that Independents contractors income.

When completing the Independent Contractor form be sure to have it notarized. One common mistake is that both the Independent and the employer needs to sign it in front of a notary. Once the form is completed it must be turned into your work comp underwriter and returned before work begins. Hopes this helps you understand the world of work comp a little more. As a Colorado PEO we work with and understand workers compensation in Colorado. To learn more contact StaffScapes at the number above.

Pinnacol Assurance Independent Contractor Form