Health Insurance Discounts

In November all United health care clients that used the Health One Network received a 7% discount on the November bill.

Did your United Health care bill have a discount on it in November? All participants that had coverage in October should show a discount for that time period. The discount comes from the Health One contract dispute with United Health Care. For a period of time United Health Care participants could not use the Health One network of Doctors. Because of the missing network United gave back a 7% discount to it Colorado clients. Check with you plan administrator to be sure that you received this discount.

As a local based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) StaffScapes administers all of our clients health plans. StaffScapes pays the bill, reconciles the bill to be sure employees are added and subtracted as needed and helps keep employers in compliance with COBRA or other state continuations programs. To learn more on how a PEO can simplify your benefit compliance give us a call at 303-466-7863.