People and Employee Retention


People and Employee Retention

Employees can be your most important asset as well as one of the most challenging aspects of managing your business. Employees look for security, competitive pay, benefits, growth opportunities and a safe working environment. By offering these benefits and incorporating HR best practices within your business, StaffScapes will increase the level of engagement and morale of your workforce, turning you into an “Employer of Choice.”

Become an Employer of Choice

A critical goal for any company is to attract and retain quality employees who perform well over time and support the company’s growth and goals. Studies show that employees feel supported and more likely to “buy in” to the goals of the organization when they are provided with exceptional human resource service, clearly communicated policies and procedures, a safe work environment and ongoing training. When employees are happy, retention is higher and turnover (with all its related aggravation and expense) is lower.

While not the only factor, the employee benefit package is a major element in making you an employer of choice. Employees at companies with a robust benefit plan generally rank their satisfaction higher than employees at companies with few or no benefits. Workers are drawn to, and remain with, employers who offer retirement 401(k) plans, medical insurance, flexible spending plans and employee assistance programs. Companies that augment these with access to dental, vision and life insurance benefits along with other supplemental programs have a big advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining top employees. As employees of StaffScapes (PEO), your workers will have access to a high quality employee benefit package that compares well with those offered by Fortune 500 companies.

Lifecycle of Employment

We approach PEO and HR service and support from the perspective of the “Lifecycle of Employment.” This is our unique HR approach promising that no matter how long a person is with your company or what occurs during that time, we will work with you to prepare for and address any situation that arises. Recruiting and on-boarding; benefits and compensation packages; orientation and ongoing training; discipline and corrective action; termination and retiring—StaffScapes will be your HR office and your HR expert every step of the way for the “long haul.”

Written policies and procedures are a fundamental basic workplace necessity that many companies pay scant attention to. We will analyze your current manuals and suggest updates or provide you with a new customized version to ensure you are up to date. We’re also your partner in staff development, providing training and education programs—even tapping your own people to serve as trainers as appropriate. In addition, we can help you design and implement a compensation or incentive rewards system to encourage positive behaviors within your workforce. Should you experience difficulties with any employees along the way, StaffScapes is there to assist with disciplinary counseling and even terminations, while making sure that any corrective action is in accordance with state and federal labor laws.

Clearly StaffScapes’ Lifecycle of Employment services go way beyond processing your payroll, making tax deposits and handling wage garnishments.

People and Employee Retention Case Studies

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