PEO’s and changes to Employment Laws

Lawsuits make changes to laws every month. By partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) your company can be protected from these changes.

“A lawsuit against IBM may help settle the question of whether workers hooked on the Internet can claim a legitimate addiction.” Do you know what new laws are affecting your business? Articles like the one provided below can be scary for employers and are what a PEO- Professional Employer Organization looks out for. A PEO needs to know what changes are going to be made to laws such as American with Disabilities Act, Cobra and Family Medical Leave Act. A PEO will notify it’s clients of changes to such laws and provide guidance to employers on any work place policy changes that need to be made. With out a PEO providing guidance many employers do not learn about changes until it is to late.  With the larger Human Resources department of a PEO they are constantly looking at how new laws and regulations effect employers.

If you do not have a Human Resource Department or want your HR Department to focus on developing your internal employee skills contact a PEO. To learn more about StaffScapes call 303-466-7864.

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