HR Outsourcing Solutions

Are non productive HR task losing your company money? By outsourcing your HR Department to a PEO you can solve those issues while bringing extra benefits to your employees.

I took a call the other day from one of our client’s employees, who needed assistance dealing with a benefits issue. She had gone to the Dr. and was given a very hard time due to the last name on the card was spelled incorrectly. Because StaffScapes is the plan administrator for our client’s, it allows us to follow up with the carrier, make the necessary changes and have the carrier issue new cards to the employee. Is this one of the miscellaneous non-productive task’s your HR department is spending time doing? This client company has 22 employees and offers many employee benefits. It didn’t take long for the CEO to realize that his time dealing with employee training and development, declined rapidly while being bogged down in non-productive HR paperwork. Is your company being bogged down in Non-Productive HR & Employment paperwork? Contact a PEO or Professional Employer Organization in your area to learn how they can handle all your non-revenue generating HR paperwork.

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