Payroll accuracies are a simple requirement from all clients that hire the services of a Professional Employer Organization or payroll company.

During a recent interview with an employee that worked at one of the largest PEO’s in the nation he expressed amazement that we double check each payroll before delivery to clients. The company he worked for could not get payroll done correctly and was a big issue for his clients. As a regional PEO based in¬†Colorado¬†we are hired by employers to help them overcome a myriad of employment problems. Human resources are a large concern for bigger employers along with the potential pitfalls if an employer misses an HR deadline with requirements such as COBRA or FMLA. Other employers need a method to control cost and look at safety and workers compensation and what a PEO may do for them in that area. But the backbone to all HR, Workers compensation, Safety programs or employee benefits is payroll. If a company cannot provide accurate payroll how good will they be on other issues of employment. By having a second set of eyes review payroll before it leaves our offices it makes for a very happy clientele on payday. The employees are happy on payday and in turn so is the employer on payday.

If your payroll is not accurate give StaffScapes a call we may have a solution for you.

PS: did you remember to adjust your employee wages for the new minimum wage rate change?