Modified Duty?

Ever wonder what to do with the worker who is injured?

Modified Duty is a duty you give an injured worker so they may return to work under the restrictions from which the doctor treating the worker has given. When considering you will need to keep in mind the mobility of the injured worker. You should make a list of duties a person can do even before someone gets injured. Putting such duties in place instills that you want to help your hurt employees.

Benefits of Modified Duty:

Shows Concern for injured worker

Maintains employer-employee connection

Retains work habit

Keep in mind when dealing with Modified Duty:

Keep employee doing duties as close to their normal job task as possible

Do not create another job for Modified Duty (Don’t make permanent)

Want worker to be able to transition back into their normal duties

If a worker isn’t productive/late normal disciplinary rules still apply

To better help you remember there are three T’s to Modified Duty they are: Tasks, Temporary and Transitional. Remember those T’s while dealing with Modified Duty.

Ideas for Modified Duty:

Backlogged tasks

Seasonal tasks/Occasional tasks

Source: Pinnacol Assurance