Making a case for a Professional Employer Organization – PEO

It is difficult to change from “the way things have been done.” Here are a few good reasons why it makes sense to talk to a PEO about partnering with, or creating strategies to use a PEO.

Consolidation – Reduce the amount of employment related vendors you use, and use only one, the PEO

Greater Collaboration – More experience and expertise in human resources and employment issues than small businesses have on staff

Better use of personnel- Let your staff concentrate on what they were hired for, and let the PEO focus on the employment headaches

Stronger Compliance –  PEOs stay on top of the ever changing employment laws and regulations

Document storage and maintenance- Employee files, I-9, HIPPA compliance

Added Value- Have the best systems and best people working for you to handle all employment needs

Disaster Protection – Off-site storage and processing of employment related matters