Holiday Party Safety

Holiday parties, safety and company liability

While Holiday parties are a time for employees to get together and a time to be free of work duties there are still precautions that companies need to.  It is the company’s responsibility to make sure that everyone is safe. Some things to consider when planning your holiday party:

Limit the number of drink tickets – people tend to drink less when they have to pay for them.

Focus more on the food and entertainment than the drinks

Stop serving drinks at least an hour before the party is over

Provide designated drivers or offer reduced cab fares or hotel room rates

Designate someone to make sure that people are cut off before getting out of hand

Make sure that upper management is setting a good example

Above are just a few examples of how to reduce your liability at office parties.  Contact StaffScapes if you are interested in learning more about Workers’ Compensation policy information at 303-466-7864.