Human Resources Outsourcing Case Study – Wage & Hour Compliance

Human Resources Outsourcing Case Study

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Business Type: Window Installation Replacement company
Location: Englewood
Employees: 20
Client Since: 1999



Offering a full service of sales, repairs & installations of all types of residential and commercial windows plus solar products and services.



When awarded a bid that required installation and work in Washington state, the owners were unprepared to handle all the details related to a union shop when they learned that this would be a requirement.  The construction project was subject to wage and union requirements of the Davis Bacon Act.



As the business owner, Rob understood the need for professional Human Resources assistance.  However, he was also fiercely independent and appreciated autonomy within the operation of his business.  One of the key reasons he chose to start his own business rather than work for others.

With his relationship with StaffScapes, he appreciated that he was given direction and control over the day to day management of his business but that he had a team of experts available to assist when the need arose.  As he saw it, this was a cooperative joint venture.  “I notified StaffScapes of the project and consulted with them on what needed to be done regarding pay, hours and payroll reports.  Staffscapes worked alongside me to ensure compliance and managed oversight to ensure the job ran smoothly.” said Rob.



The job went forward successfully and Rob was pleased knowing that through expert advice, he had been able to assign work appropriately, paid his employees a fair and prevailing wage to complete the assignment and that with this successful bid, he would be in great position to bid and secure future jobs in other areas.