Finding and hiring quality candidates can be tough for small businesses. Smaller companies have to compete with larger rivals that offer higher salaries, more benefits, and sometimes a more established career opportunity to the candidates that smaller businesses want and need. What are small businesses to do with not nearly as much skin in the game when it comes to recruiting?

As more and more job seekers turn to online avenues for job opening, the answer for small organizations is to try search engine optimization, otherwise known as the abbreviation SEO. Small business owners can attract more of their ideal candidates through the company website by using SEO to increase their website’s rank for job searches.

A Deeper Understanding of SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of expanding the quality and quantity of traffic, or people who find a website through organic search engine outcomes that visit and click-through that said website. This digital marketing strategy primarily is utilizing a search engine like Google as a tool for the betterment of a business website’s visibility through increasing its rankings on search result pages.

SEO Starting Steps for Small Business Recruiters

Small business owners interested in trying out the digital marketing method of SEO should start with these three beginner steps:

Step #1: Choose accredited job listing platforms to use

Though a business might have a well-crafted and attractive career page on its website, there is no guarantee that the page will ever host visitors. The majority of people who are looking for jobs rarely seek out positions by visiting a company’s main website. Instead, they are turning to job listing sites for easy access to scroll through thousands of job openings in multiple different industries.

Picking an accredited job listing site for an organization to post their vacant positions requires one easy task. Search Google for job listing sites and choose the highest-ranking options that appear on the first Google search result page.

Step #2: Focus on keywords

When deciphering on what to label a job opening, try to stay away from unique and creative titles. Instead, attempt to match your keywords with popular job search keywords. Find these particular keywords by visiting Google’s Keyword Planner to discover what job titles this month have the most prevalent searches compared to others. Copy the keywords with the highest search volumes for whatever type of employment position you need to fill. Then weave the copied keywords into the job’s title, description, and listing.

Step #3: Amalgamate social media

Turning to social media platforms for the next step is an essential part of the SEO strategy. Fill a job position faster while appearing more powerful to Google by marketing the vacancy on all social media platforms and then linking the diverse external marketing posts to your original listing.

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