All entrepreneurs know how critical the first years of a start-up can be when determining the success and longevity of their new company. However, an organization’s positive results should never rest on the shoulders of recruiters or new employees. For a start-up to triumph, it cannot settle for hiring the only best possible people in the industry. The business must also embrace and instill a work habitat where employees can become their best, most productive selves.

The good news is that there are many things an enterprising entrepreneur can do to create the best possible environment for everyone in the organization to thrive; seven of them are listed here:

Way #1: Radiate a positive attitude

The life of an entrepreneur consists of ups and downs, multiple hats, and endless to-do lists. Needless to say, when stress is all around, mindfully carrying a positive attitude is a must for any entrepreneur. Research shows how effective an optimistic view is for quality and influential leadership. Leaders who choose to be positive and enthusiastic will only better support and impact those they interact with during and outside of work hours.

Way #2: Develop real human relationships

The best business leaders do not hide behind an office door and bark orders. Instead, enthusiastic entrepreneurs aim to better their employees and establish genuine relationships that encourage open communication and mutual respect.

Way #3: Be vulnerable and authentic

Let’s get one thing straight. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. It is an act of courage and a very strengthening leadership quality to share with others what makes one human.

Way #4: Always exemplify respect

Unfortunately, not every company respects its employees as they should. Many employees feel like just another number being squeezed dry by unforgiving work demands. Business leaders must always demonstrate an attitude of respect. That way, they can set the same tone for their work culture by example.

Way #5: Intellectually stimulate others

Show employees how to better themselves by making learning a priority. Entrepreneurs can teach the people they work with to openly receive feedback and knowledge from others for the betterment of self-growth by being an exemplar and sharing their exposures and expertise with team members.

Way #6: Be an open resource

When employees hesitate to approach leadership, the pause mirrors a lack of clear communication within the company, which can be detrimental to an organization’s culture. Entrepreneurs should seize opportunities like an open-door policy during office hours to provide a safe place for workers to go when they need to ask questions.

Way #7: Spread passion

Employees are more likely to be influenced and motivated by a leader that oozes love for what he or she does for a living. When entrepreneurs express unadulterated passion and insight on what makes them tick, excitement and an urge to be involved can spread like wildfire throughout the organization.

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