How to Stay Employable as Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Workplace

Man versus robot – who would win? In today’s technological world, the once fictional question is becoming more of a reality. Artificial intelligence is slowly changing the workplace. This type of technology is useful for productivity levels as it takes over more thinking tasks. However, some employees find the increase in technology conflicting for their career ladder climb as it takes away specific job responsibilities that once proved as essential.


As simplified thinking tasks are handled by artificial intelligence, feeling work – or work that requires a high level of emotional intelligence- has already begun to increase in prominence. For employees who seek job advancement in their field to succeed, interpersonal skills must improve as well as the awareness to adjust their work approach to utilizing artificial intelligence to their full advantage.

What does artificial intelligence look like in today’s work environment? 

More companies are turning to adapt artificial intelligence to gain competitive advantage, reduce the cost of operations, and remove headcounts. Jobs that require emotional, social, and literary skills are at lower risk to extinction compared to occupations found in the transport industry. For the majority, artificial intelligence in the workplace usually takes care of tasks that are characterized as mundane or repetitive such as marketing, organization, or specific HR duties.


What can employees do to stay employable?

The first thing an employee can do is adjust their mindset. The transition to technologies such as artificial intelligence in the business environment is unavoidable at this point. Instead of viewing the change of pace from a negative perspective, think positive. Take a moment to observe the advantages that artificial intelligence can have within the workplace, then see how you can increase your productivity by utilizing technology and adapting skills in other areas where technology has not advanced yet.


Artificial intelligence creates automation within any business, but such automation creates more of a demand for social, emotional, and higher cognitive skills. To increase employee advancement chances, start exercising your creativity and critical thinking forte.


Automation processes created by artificial intelligence will create a reduction in occupations, such as assembly lines or data processing and collection. The career paths that will excel as a result of increased use of artificial intelligence are the ones that cannot be automated or that face unique problems that need different solutions daily.


Many people will find themselves eventually having to change career paths, so it is better to think ahead while there is still flexibility in the job market. Because of its constant advancement, it is essential to create a solid foundation of digital skills that can help you jump the basic entry-level to multiple job choices.


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