Best Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Motivation as Manager

Every business needs money to function. A critical part of creating, maintaining, and increasing profitability within an organization is employee productivity. Increase employee productivity, and business will grow its profit. As a manager, employee productivity often falls into the list of responsibilities. So, what are the best ways to increase employee engagement and motivation as a manager?


A manager that exemplifies trust in any manager-employee relationship will not only boost confidence levels in employees but also will find that higher productivity levels are easier to find. A way that a manager can show trust is to avoid micro-managing and instead support self-management. Employees seek out independence during their work, and self-management provides an employee with the opportunity to take ownership of a well-done job.


Give Purpose

It is crucial for an employee to feel a part of the business’ big picture. When someone you manage fully understands their purpose within the company and how their day-to-day responsibilities contribute to the overall livelihood of the company, you create meaning for their productivity.


Learn Employees’ Motivations

Money does not motivate everyone. A study conducted by Princeton economist Angus Deaton and psychologist Daniel Kahneman reveals that employees with salaries over $75,000 do not contribute their overall happiness to money. Managers should show interest in what makes their employees tick. Listening skills are essential for a manager to practice, and by looking to employees, you can reveal the most treasured motivational rewards.


Personalize “Thank You”

A personalized “thank you” does not always have to be in the form of a unique gift. Singling out workers and genuinely thanking them for their hard work or accomplishments allows employees to be proud of the work they do and increase their overall performance.


Take Time to Celebrate

Schedule out time to celebrate successes of the company, the department, and the individuals in it. It is vital to bring workers together as a team to recognize what people are doing that is helping the business blossom. Creating a positive environment that includes everyone will reflect in a better overall workplace environment. Positive culture workplaces mirror high productivity.


Communication All-Around

Great managers practice communication that is both responsible and effective. Employees will communicate more efficiently in return when they have a respectable and comfortable environment. Encourage such a situation that gives way for clear communication on all levels of the business. Keeping an open office door as a higher-level employee in the company can assist in prompting employees to utilize their resources when they need it constructively.


Rewarding Work Environment

Create an environment for employees that they will look forward to walking into every workday morning. Maybe your employees need a bean-bag area or a company stocked snack room? A manager can host a monthly meeting and receive feedback from workers on how to continually improve the work environment or culture to create a smoother route for maximum productivity levels.


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