Going Green

Going Green is a common phrase you might hear in meetings or at the water cooler.  StaffScapes has also implemented ways to go Green or become “greener.” We have converted processes to a paperless office, recycle toner cartridges and recycle aluminum, plastic and glass, as some of the few ways we have gone Green.

Some suggestions from the PayTech issue April 2009 article “The Color of Money; Payrolls Nationwide Going Green”  :

  • Go Paperless – use direct deposit, paycards, online paystubs and W-2’s

  • Order recycled paper

  • Recycle toner cartridges

  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs

  • Turn off lights when not using them

  • Recycle soda cans

  • Use filtered water instead of bottled water

There are easy ways to participate or start a program and save your company money while saving the environment.