Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Care Accounts

Open Enrollment for most companies offering FSA and Dependent Care accounts go’s on in December.

All enrollments for the FSA or Dependent Care Accounts for StaffScapes Professional Employer Organization (PEO) clients are due by December 22nd 2006.  This is to enroll for expenses incurred in the 2007 calendar year.  FSA and Dependent Care are a benefit to have money set aside in an account for reimbursements.  The money is deducted from the employees check on a pretax basis.  Employees that participate will not have to pay Social Security, Medicare, Federal or State taxes on the money that is withheld.

As a Colorado PEO this is a standard benefit that is provided to all employees at no cost to the employer. Please contact StaffScapes Benefits Department to get a full list of reimbursable expenses or to request enrollment forms at 303 466 7864.

StaffScapes will remove all the administrative hassles of providing FSA and Dependent Care Accounts for your employees.  If you are interesting in offering this benefit and other great benefits to your employees please contact StaffScapes Sales Department at 303-466-7864.