Colorado & Federal Labor Law Notices

6 States to have new minimum wage rate in 2007.

Have you received in the mail a “Final Notice” or “ALERT You Must Post New 2007 Federal labor Law Notices”? In most cases this is just a sales gimmick to make you buy poster from that company. The only year end changes that need to be made are for those state that have a new minimum wage rate for 2006 or for most in 2007. If you are an employer with employees in: Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada or Ohio you need to contact the state Department of Labor and request a new poster. Labor Law poster are free from the state and federal agencies. Just get online or call to order new poster. 

If you are a client of StaffScapes one will be delivered once the state finalize the poster.  To request an extra poster call 303-466-7864.