Colorado Unemployment

 If calling the unemployment office to report an unemployment claim, be patient it could take hours.

While speaking with a friend the other night that was laid off from EDS and who is now just recently eligible to collect unemployment, told me about a simple online mistake that took hours to fix.  Each week the Colorado Department of Labor & Employments unemployment division requires people to report jobs that they are interviewing for or have applied for. During this process she accidentally entered a wrong code and hit next on her screen while working on the Colorado online website. This caused her claim to be denied or cancelled for that week. Each week the DOL sends out benefit checks to those collecting unemployment.  Once she realized her mistake she tried for over an hour to correct it online with no success. After hitting the redial button on the phone for an hour she finally was able to talk to someone. Unfortunately it took another hour before she was able to find a person with the correct authorization to access her account and correct her mistake. 

If filling for unemployment in Colorado be patient and if doing it on a phone line make sure you are not running up your minutes on your cell phone. To file a claim and to learn more about unemployment benefits go to