Ft Carsons Kids Fishing Trip

 As many of you know I am active in the Colorado Walleye Association and in taking kids fishing. We have started our annual planning for the Ft Carsons kids day and could use a little help. For full details please see below:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You were all kind enough to volunteer last year to take the child of a deployed Ft. Carson soldier fishing the day before Father’s Day.  It was an outstanding event.  We were able to take 60 kids and 32 parents out for a day of fishing last year with a final total of 38 boater volunteers.

We are at it again.  This year, we will take Ft. Carson children fishing on 20 June 2009 at Pueblo Reservoir.  We had our kick-off meeting today.  Ft. Carson is fully on board.  The event should at least equal what we had last year. 

We need your help.  If you can volunteer again, let me know.  If you know of others who may want to volunteer their time and their boat to take a soldier’s child fishing, please encourage them to do so.  I will be collecting names of volunteers and assigning boat loads of fisher kids.  If you have suggestions from last year’s event, please provide those to me so that we may improve this year’s event.

If you are volunteering, please provide the following information:


Boat size and kid capacity, i.e. if you have room for only 1 kid, let me know.  If you can take a kid and parent, let me know that too.

Contact phone number – preferably a cell phone that you will have on you on the water

The name of your club if you are a fishing club member

Again, thanks for your time last year.  We are starting a little earlier this year, but I wanted to get the word out first to our 2008 volunteers.

Happy 2009.  Tight lines.

Frank Weston

CWA Military Liaison

Planning Coordinator – 2009 Ft. Carson Kid’s Fishing Trip

One item Frank did not mention is that we are looking for sponsors to help supply each child with a fishing rod and tackle that they can take home with them. Food and drink sponsors are needed as well. Thanks for any help that you can lend.

2nd Annual Deployed Ft. Carson Soldiers Kid Day Fishing