ACE Cash Express fire’s employees after being Robbed!

As reported in the Rocky Mountain News today, four employees that where held at gun point and robbed have been fired.

The four employees have been fired for not following company procedure. When being robbed by what appears to be someone with inside knowledge the employees did not enter an alarm code when opening the company safe. The robber’s told employee not to enter any funny code or they would be shot.  The employee’s feared for there lives and did as the robber’s instructed.

ACE Cash Express believes that if everyone follows procedures then all employees are save. By not following procedure it buts customers and employees at risk.

The four employees where all called in shortly after each incident thinking that they may receive some counseling but instead where fired. The four employees have hired an attorney and have filed suit.

Is this a responsible thing to do to your employees? Does it set a bad precedent? Should employees be held responsible for this type of incident? Should the employer take other action?

As this case moves forward in the court system I will keep you posted.

Robbed then fired, workers battle bosses at cash store