Working Safely with Ladders

Proper ladder selection, inspection and use can help prevent fall and injuries in the workplace.

The following information can prevent a ladder related accident.

Use a ladder, not a chair to reach heights. The ladder should be:

    Tall enough the height you need

    Rated to handle the combined weight of you and your equipment

     Don’t use metal ladders around electricity, because metal is a conductor.

The distance from the ladder’s base to the wall should be one-fourth the ladder’s length.

Place it on a level floor or ground, with feet parallel to the surface it rest on.

By following these simple rules you can help keep the workplace safe. Also did you know that ladders have rating? The rating are:

I-A 300 pounds

I    250 pounds

II   225 pounds

III  200 pounds

For more details on ladder safety check out OSHA ladder safety website below.

OSHA – Ladder Safety