Workers Compensation Claims Review

How does reviewing past claims help my business save money with Workers Compensation Insurance?

Today StaffScapes is meeting with representatives from Pinnacol Assurance to review past claim history. This is a very valuable tool for all for all business that have had workers compensation claims. By reviewing claims a business is able to see trends that a supervisor of a department may not notice because of all the other jobs a person is doing. Many times a review will allow a company to look at history and just not at today’s work and what is going on.

When you review claims you can also target claims to learn who was using safety equipment and who was not and compare similar claims and the cost associated with it. We have a small manufacture with 50 or so employees that kept having small eye injuries. Most of the employee did not bother to where the safety glasses when cutting parts and this was the leading cause of injury. After further review we noticed many employee had been using the proper safety equipment and still employees where getting hurt. Material was flying in behind the glasses or around the edge of the traditional safety glasses. By changing the type of glasses used we where able to cut injuries down the fowling year. By not reviewing the claims with the client this type of injury could lead to a very expensive claim or much worse someone losing site because of a work related injury. 

If you have any type of ongoing injury you should be siting down with your workers compensation provider or your Professional employer Organization (PEO) and do a claims review. During this claim review you should also question open claims to be sure that all cost saving measures are being looked at.

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