Unemployment Hearings Part 3

After submitting your appeal, you are almost on the way to the hearing – a few things to remember…

After turning in your appeal of the unemployment decision, you will receive a letter/packet from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The first page of packet will give you the hearing information for Claimant and Employer. The information contains the date and time of the unemployment hearing. The claimant and employer have a choice to appear to the Hearing office location which is stated in the document, or can call the number given on the packet.

The most important thing to remember when you get the hearing information packet is if you wish to present any evidence to the hearing officer pertaining to the termination – you must mail/fax those documents to both the officer and the claimant. If you do not, none of the documents you wish to use as evidence will be allowed if neither the claimant nor officer do not receive it.  Try to send the information a week before the scheduled hearing date so that the claimant and hearing officer have ample time to receive the documents.

Once you have sent the necessary documents, set a calendar reminder for the hearing, so you don’t forget. You’ve completed almost all the steps in the process, the next and final step is the appeal hearing.