Turn your office into a “Green” office

Strategies to making your office green:

With the environment ever so changing we have found some strategies to help lower energy cost and become more environmentally friendly.

Reduce computer energy use as much as possible by shutting down the computer after each day. Setting sleep mode on your computer will also save energy.

Make copies only when essential. You can view documents on your computer and email instead of faxing or mailing

Reuse paper that has been printed but not longer needed. Recycle the remaining papers that can not be used

Use automatic setback thermostats and adjust the temperature settings special for weekends and evenings when people are not in the office

Place a small plastic bottle filled with water in your toilet cistern, this will be reducing the amount of water used per flush

Turn off lights when you are not using a room or when you leave for lunch or meetings

Taking small steps in being environmentally friendly will still make a big difference.

Source: Earth911 and GoGreen