Three Team-Building Activities That Break the Mold

Energetic, diverse, productive, and innovative teams are what makes a company great. Team-building activities are an excellent way to not only address particular challenges in the business but also to take a break from daily tasks at hand. To avoid the negative groans from employees about traditional team-building activities, step out of the box by focusing on these three categories of new-age activities.

1) Communication Skills

Communication skills are critical for any employer or employee in a company. Sharing an experience that is both challenging and intense biochemically releases a specific hormone that enables humans to feel connected. When it comes to communication skills, human connection and understanding are essential. What are effective team-building activities for communication skills?

The Perfect Square: This activity takes about 15 to 30 minutes and calls for two things: a blindfold for each participating person and a long rope with its ends tied together. Have everyone grab the rope and then form a large circle. Before anyone sets the rope on the floor, ask everyone to put on their blindfolds. Once the blindfolds are on, the rope is to be placed down. Then, have participants take a few steps back from the rope. Next, ask everyone to return to the circle and attempt to form the rope into a square. Set a time limit to increase intensity. Blindfolding creates a sense of trust, and the focus goes towards strong communication skills. To take the level of trust a step further, require some team members to stay silent.

2) Idea Collaboration

Innovative ideas come from diverse groups actively engaging and building off each other’s ideas. Communication is an essential aspect of idea collaboration, and practice is another. Conflict in businesses can arise if ideas are colliding, rather than growing. If a company is looking to turn to a long-term activity to instill proactive idea collaboration, incorporate this activity:

A Brainstorm Box: Have a team create a shared document titled “Brainstorm Box.” In the document, list all of the organization’s long-term and short-term goals, and make sure everyone has access to the document. Instill a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere around the shared space that allows everyone to brainstorm different ideas and strategies on how to meet these company goals. This activity releases limitations and allows for all participants to feel like a unit creatively thinking about the bigger picture. This practice of idea collaboration provides for everyone to feel heard and can produce unexpected and spectacular ideas.

3) Creative Problem-Solving

Communication skills and idea collaboration are both necessary skills to successfully carry out creative problem-solving. Team-building activities that are based on growing creative problem-solving skills can sometimes be the right direction for a business, especially when it has an issue. Next time a team gets stuck on a situation, consider taking a break with this activity:

A Shrinking Vessel: This group activity requires a rope, blanket, or tape. Use whichever item is most accessible, and mark a space on the floor. Ask participants to stand together in the marked area. Once everyone is comfortable, shrink the space. As time passes, continue to reduce the size of the space. The goal is for everyone to adapt to the size changes and fit inside the area as it shrinks. Coworkers are required to think fast, proactively, and as a team to solve their shrinking problem.

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