The Value Professional Employer Organization brings to Employers

Not all policies are black and white, be sure your PEO questions you so you can get out of that employment gray area an into the clear.

During the years many PEO prospects have asked me “what is the real value of a PEO”.  Most business see the value of HR outsourcing, Risk Management and Workers Compensation Administration, Employee Benefits and Payroll Administration. Every business owner wants to know the real value in a PEO relationship. The real value that StaffScapes clients realize is the fact that we are not afraid to them no. This is the area that a PEO must feel strong about the PEO client relationship.

Our goal as a PEO is to answer the client’s questions and to keep them on the right side of the law. If you are dealing with a “Yes” PEO or Person that is always saying “yes you can do that” you might want to look at what type of polices you now have in place. If a client calls and says I want to start a new policy in my shop we will ask what are you trying to accomplish with the new policy. After the clients explains what they are trying to do we will say no you can’t do that it violates this Department of Labor or other rule. But because we have asked the client what his end goal is we can say let’s do it this way. By doing it this way we stay within the intend of the law and your employees will not be confused about your intentions.  This is the real hidden value of a PEO relationship.