Terminating an Employee

Top Ten Reasons Terminated Employees Sue Their Employers:

  1. They don’t know why they were fired.
  2. Bad Treatment when fired.
  3. Perception of being treated differently from others.
  4. Being treated differently by a new supervisor
  5. Harassment immediately preceding termination.
  6. Employee believes employer doesn’t know the “whole story”.
  7. Inadequate investigation of a complaint.
  8. Not being treated with loyalty and respect.
  9. Loss of control/feeling helpless
  10. Lack of financial security.

While the facts underlying the employee’s feeling may not alone be actionable, they are often the motive behind their desire for vindication. Employers may often be able to avoid that employee’s first call to an attorney by understanding termination from the employee’s perspective and taking simple steps.

StaffScapes, Inc. recommends that all employers have a disciplinary action and termination plan/policy in place.  At times a disciplinary meeting with an employee may be necessary. By having a disciplinary plan in place the employee will know what is expected of him or herself after the first incident occurs StaffScapes has developed a few helpful tips to assist and protect clients in this type of situation.

The disciplinary tips should include:

  • Talk with the employee promptly in a nonpublic area after the offense or problem.
  • Avoid an emotional discussion.
  • Determine the facts of the situation.
  • Emphasize the seriousness of the situation.
  • Determine the best disciplinary action to prevent the incident from recurring.
  • If possible, agree upon a plan of corrective action.
  • Maintain documentation of the events that took

StaffScapes a Denver based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can help set up policy and procedures as mentioned above. Our Human Resource Department specializes in policy and procedure development, by having a few simply policies in place it can save a company countless dollars and man hours resolving a claim. Contact StaffScapes Human Resource Department or our Sales team with any questions on how a PEO can assist in developing proper termination policy.