StaffScapes PEO introduction

Welcome to the StaffScapes Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employee Leasing Blog site.

This is my First Blog for our Professional Employer Organization blog site. I thought it would be good to give you a little detail about StaffScapes, Inc. and what we do as a PEO. StaffScapes is a human resource solution center based in Westminster, Colorado.  As a PEO StaffScapes is able to offer benefits and strengths that other companies cannot.  PEOs have become a popular answer for small- and medium-sized business owners’ day-to-day human-resource issues and StaffScapes has become a leading PEO in Colorado.

In 1996 StaffScapes was founded by Jim Thibodeau & Partners with a singular goal: to offer complete, comprehensive, and cost-effective payroll and human-resources solutions.  Issues such as payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, human resources management, and employee discipline/discharge are all managed by the StaffScapes team of professionals.  This allows small- to medium-sized business owners to remove the obstacles created by continual paperwork to do what they do best – foster the growth of a productive business.