Social Security Mismatch Letters

Around tax season, employers may recive a letter from the Social Secuirty Administration regarding a “mismatched” employee….

Social Security mismatch letters are usually sent to employers, after W-2’s have been sent to employees. When an employer receives a letter, the Social Security Administration notifies the employer that there is an employee (or are employees) whose SS # and information do not match up with what Social Security has on record.  The error might be a name change that was never reported to Social Secuirty, a missed digit in the SS #, or even the misspelling of an employee’s name.  The letter will provide a list of employees who were “mismatched” in their system and ask you to correct as many as possible.  

Correcting the records is very important because if an employee is a mismatch in the Social Security system, their earnings for the year are not recorded to their Social Security record.  In order to keep an accurate record of an employee’s earnings and to ensure they get the benefits they are entitled, StaffScapes will try to correct all the mismatches for their employees.  

For more information about Social Security mismatch letters, please call StaffScapes at 303-466-7864.