Snow season in Colorado

November 10-14 Winter Hazard Awareness Week

The winter months are coming! Keep your accident numbers low, and reduce your workers’ compensation claims these winter months, with a few safety suggestions.

Suggestions for helping your workers stay on their feet this snowy season.

*Wear footwear suitable for weather conditions

*Take extra time and care while walking on wet, snowy, or icy walkways and streets

*Always use the railing

*While carrying packages make sure you are exceptionally careful

*Wipe your feet when entering a building so you do not slip on the flooring

*In case you do start to fall always remember to bend elbows and knees and use your arms and legs to absorb the fall

Suggestions for staying save on the road way this winter.

*Carry ice and snow removal, traction materials which include: container of sand, ice scrapper, snow brush, shovel, and blanket to keep warm if you break down

*Always clear snow of your entire car before you start to drive

*Follow four seconds behind the car in front of you

*Be aware of icy patches.

*If you start to skid, take foot off of the gas and steer into the skid. Remember to also keep your foot off of the break.

*Winter season can cause many people to drive unsafe. Be on the watch out for these drivers

Suggestions for snow removal, either at the office or at home. If you have a bad heart or are out of shape snow removal can me hazardous to your health. Snow is wet and heavy and can hurt you more than you imagine.

*Bend knees and lift with your legs not back while shoveling

*Do not twist when throwing the snow

*Take breaks to catch your breath

*Do not try and life as much snow as you can take your time

*If you can not do the job yourself as for help

*Clear off walkways first you do not want workers slipping on their way into the office

If you have any other questions or suggestions please fill free to contact StaffScapes at 303-466-7864.

Thank you

Source: Winter Wonderland? Or Hazard Trap? Safety Daily Advisor Nov. 7, 2008