Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Reducing Workers Compensation Claims

Approximately 300,000 injuries per year are due to slip trip and fall accidents.  According to the US Department of Labor this contributes to 8% of all job related activities.

Something to watch out for include:

1. Keeping walkways clear

2. Tape down cables, cords and hoses or keep them out of the way

3. Mark or clean up Wet Areas – put down rubber mats or put up a sign in the area

4. Keep floors swept to remove dust and dirt

5. Use the handrails on stairs and be sure to use ladder safety rules.

These are some of the things to discuss with employees and make them aware of.  Although it may seem like minor accidents, they can create loss time from work and large workers’ compensation claims. For training materials or more informaiton please contact the Safety Department at StaffScapes at 303-466-7864.  

Stay Safe.