Searching for work? Email Accounts May Need Changing.

Email accounts and social networking sites can and are hurting job seekers.

Do you have an email account that reads bigdogjoe @…… or Coronajim@…..? If you do and you are unemployed you may want to open another free email account to place on your resume. A client that was looking to hire mentioned to me he had on person that sent in a resume had an offensive email account. If he has an email like the above what type of person is he or she in real live.

Employers and Human Resources departments are increasingly using the Internet to review and research applicants. Social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter can be a trap for some job seekers. Once something is said on the Internet it is very hard to hide or removed. If looking for work take a few minutes and review what you have said on line. If possible lock sites and clean up pictures on your accounts. If you have said something that is not appropriate on Twitter get busy and tweet so has to bury it inder many other tweets.