Safety Training Critical!

Providing safety training is vital for new employees

Pinnacol Assurance recently released its findings from a study conducted by their loss prevention team.  Pinnacol analyzed the 2006 claims data to find out what impact years of service have on claims experience.  The numbers were staggering and point to a need for improved safety training for new employees.  The study found that employees with less than one year of service accounted for 47% of on-the-job fatalities, and 40% of on-the-job injuries. 

Pinnacol’s report goes on to explain, “the quality of the safety training you provide will shape them into either safe, long-term employees – or into statistics.”  No one wants to add to those type of statistics, so make sure your safety training is up to date and being reviewed by all employees.  Pinnacol also adds these general tips:

·        Make sure that your safety trainers are experienced and committed to your safety philosophy, goals and practices.

·        Understand that hiring employees with previous job experience does not mean they are more safety conscience.  Make sure all employees are performing tasks safely and following your rules

·        Safety training is only the first step.  Employees must also be supervised and observed to ensure the safety training was effective.

StaffScapes works closely with our clients to review and provide additional safety policies and procedures.  Please call our HR department to discuss further details of what StaffScapes can do for you.