Safety in the Workplace

Every day we all do hundreds of tasks that seem routine and we don’t view them as being dangerous.  We often think things like “Slips and falls only happen to uncoordinated people” or “I work in an office, not around heavy equipment so nothing will happen to me”.  But that is far from the truth.  Several times a month, we get a workers’ compensation call from a client or employee and most often, these are calls about simple injuries that end up costing a lot of money for treatment.  For example, the employee that can’t work for 12 weeks because they tripped over a box sitting in the hallway and broke their ankle.  Or the item that Sally was sure she could reach and now she has pulled a muscle and requires physical therapy. 

It’s easy to forget about safety on a daily basis, but we want to remind you how important training and following the safety rules really is.  One little wrong move can change your life in an instant.  Here are some key points we want you to remember:

• Keep all boxes away from doorways and emergency exits
• When lifting anything off of the floor, squat and lift straight up.  Do not bend over to pick the item up 
• Do not stand on a chair or box to get an item off of a shelf
• Do not stand on the very top of a ladder
• Don’t run, walk
• Close desk drawers or cabinets to prevent injuries
• Tape down electrical cords that must be in walking paths
• If you see something you feel is unsafe, contact your manager for assistance
• Use chemicals properly and follow all instructions
• Wipe up all spills 
• Only open one cabinet drawer at a time
• Ask for help when moving large or heavy objects
• Always wear protective equipment

These are just a few suggestions.  We encourage you to review your safety practices and if you need additional advice or a safety review, please contact StaffScapes today!