Resume Changes for employed workers

People who are looking for work and are currently employed need to consider a few changes to better thier succes when looking for a new job.

We recently placed an add for a new payroll administrator on over the week we have gotten in over 150 resumes for this job posting. During the review process we noticed a few items in the resume that may make it difficult for applicants to get recognized by prospective employers. 

Below are a few things to consider not having on your resume:

– If currently employed do not fax your resume from your office fax machine.

– This also goes if you plan to email your resume in don’t use you current employers email account.

– The phone number you use for a prospective employer should not be your current employers phone number. Many employers have caller ID and this can cause problems. You would not want to get fired for looking for work on company time.

-If you leave a phone number to call consider updating your voice mail message that an employer would feel comfortable leaving a message on. Don’t leave “bro leave a message I may call you back”.