Professional Employer

What is a Professional Employer?

When I hand out my business card I have all the normal information on my card. The one thing that is missing is the title of President, CEO or Director of Marketing instead I have Professional Employer. When at a networking event or other business meeting where I may meet business owners, handing out my business card prompts the question what is a “Professional Employer”? I can now give a quick introduction about my company and what we do for business owners as a Professional Employer Organization. It will go something like this: Most business owners did not start a business with the image of having to comply with the many employment laws that we have. They wanted to design, build or manufacture an item or provide consulting to other business. StaffScapes allows owners to focus on their business and allow StaffScapes to focus on the business of employment.  A professional employer will handle all the paperwork associated with having employees, from weekly payroll, employee benefits such as health and 401k plans, Human Resources and all the employment laws associated with having employees.

What does your card have on it and how does it prompt conversation about what you do?