Pinnacol Audit Prep part II

Independent Contractors are a big part of many business, be sure that that independent contractor is an approved sub before work begins.

Many businesses have a need to use an independent contractor form time to time. Ever small business must request a few insurance documents from any independent contractor that may step in that business. The two most important documents are a copy of a general liability policy and certificate of insurance from that independents workers compensation carrier.  With out any type of proof of insurance you may be liable for that workers compensation premium for the time employed. If that contractor gets hurt on your property or while working on your project all expenses relate to that injury can and more likely will be charged to your current w/c policy. 

When preparing for your audit be sure to have a list of Subs that your company has used during the past policy period. Also have aviable all independentent contractor forms. In Colorado there is a form provided by Pinnacol Assurance called “Independent Contractors / Statutory Employers”. If you are a Pinnacol policy holder be sure to get this form or request the similar form from your workers compensation insurance provider. Have the form completed and send in before any work begins. Once you receive confirmation that the w/c provider sees them as an independent work can begin. If not approved look into other alternatives for how the work can be completes. The link for this form is provided below.

I will provide other information shortly on “Who is an Independent Contractor”. For more information on workers compensation policies and how to treat independents call StaffScapes, Inc. at 303-466-7864.

This is the link for the Pinnacol Independent Contractor form.