PEOs The way to go for small companies

Controlling cost and optimizing resources with a PEO.

Is your business generating a small profit? Are human resources and benefits eating away at that profit? Insurance benefits are the one area that is increasing the most over the past few years.  Professional Employer Organizations remove the burden of employment and help small companies get a handle on ever increasing employee benefits and government compliance. A commonly overlooked cost are is when employers hire or have to fire an employee.

In today’s market place employers need to have certain controls in place to help maintain profits. With more people available to work then in the past few years employers need to make smart hiring and firing decision.  A simple way to increase the probability that you are hiring a good employee is to do reference checks and pre employment drug screening. Recent court rulings have stated that employers may give out more information to prospective employers than in the past. A PEO like StaffScapes can assist in the hiring process making it easier for employers to find the best employee.

The second area that PEO’s can help employers is when it is time to fire an employee. We all hate firing an employee but at times it must be done. Be sure the employee is treated with respect by setting consistent expectations for all employees. Establish a separation policy. Properly mange the separation by having a trained person assist on the separation along with the employees imitate supervisor. Conduct a exit interview to try and gather information that may give your business directions on improvements that need to be made. Lastly promptly handle all post separation details to insure the employee receives his or her last check, is notified of any continuing insurance coverage available, and any workers compensation benefits due if any.  A PEO will be able to help in the correct steps involved in hiring and firing employees.

The link below provides employers with information about the unemployment process. If not familiar or if you need further assistance contact StaffScapes today at 303.466.7864.

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