PEOs growing as economy slows

Businesses are focusing more on income generating ideas and activities as the economy slows.

In today’s economy, the only people who will make money in the next four years are the business owners that know how to run their business efficiently and with growth in mind, said Milan Yeager, CEO of NAPEO, National Association of Professional Employer Organizations.

How do business focus on their business? They are able to turn to PEO or Professional Employer organizations. PEO’s allow small business to focus on growing their business. PEO’s will focus on non income generating area’s like payroll, health insurance and employee benefits. What small business owner ever imagined all the red tape associated with having employees. By using a PEO this red tape is removed from the shoulders of today’s small business owner. 

Focus on what yo do best, let StaffScapes handle all your employee related headaches.