PEO Software

StaffScapes’ commitment to customer service excellence is proven by our membership in the ThinkWare Steering Committee.

StaffScapes is proud to announce our membership in PEO software provider, ThinkWare, Inc.’s “Steering Committee”.  Membership in this Steering Committee testifies to StaffScapes’ dedication to enhancing and improving the PEO industry and customer satisfaction. 

Steering Committee members have many different responsibilities for the improvement of services provided by ThinkWare and their client PEOs.   Committee members serve as a product direction committee to assist ThinkWare in current and future development priorities. Through constant communication with the Steering Committee, ThinkWare receives information on product enhancements and directions. Also members serve as a sounding board for the user community and a voice of guidance to ThinkWare. Just as important as the product quality to our user community is the quality of the support and client services provided. Finally, members assist ThinkWare with special projects, such as Beta testing, that assist development of the ThinkWare products.

ThinkWare, Inc. has been providing software and consulting services since 1994, and is the leading provider of software solutions for the Professional Employer (PEO) or employee outsourcing, industry. Boasting a growth rate unmatched by any other PEO-software solution, ThinkWare provides software solutions and services for PEO and ASO (Administrative Service Organization) companies throughout the United States.

ThinkWare relies upon advanced technology, industry knowledge and experience, and a proven development partner organization to develop solutions specifically designed to handle the unique challenges faced by PEO/ASO companies today.

To find out what StaffScapes and ThinkWare can do for you, please call (303) 466-7864 and talk to a StaffScapes representative today.