Ever wonder what a PEO does? Or what does a PEO have to offer? Hopefully this insight will clear up some questions you may have.

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. PEO’s can often reduce the cost of a business’s workers’ compensation rates, offer superior benefit plans that smaller company’s can not offer, and manage risk. They also offer assistance with human resources and employee questions as well as tribulations. When a company decides to sign on with a PEO the PEO then takes on the many responsibilities and liabilities that come with business ownership. They keep clients up to date with all compliances and safety issues making it easy for a business owner to concentrate more time to grow their business.

By outsourcing certain functions to StaffScapes it allows more time for businesses to simplify and allows more time for core activities of the business. StaffScapes, Inc takes time and dedication to administer each of our clients. We manage the risk, take care of compliance and costs associated with Human Resources. Compliance falls under all state and local government regulations. StaffScapes offers employees reliable paydays, quality health- vision – and dental insurance, a safe working setting, opportunities for retirement savings as well as quality human resource services for example employee manuals, grievance procedures and prompt communication which is said to increase job satisfaction and productivity in the work place.

Outsource your human resource and risk management efficiently and affordably today with StaffScapes.