OSHA Inspection 101

What to do if an OSHA inspector knocks on your door!

Following these simple steps during an inspection by an OSHA official will provide smooth operation and can avoid potential fines.

·        Ask the OSHA inspector to provide his/her identification.

·        Contact your senior management and attorneys to get them involved immediately.

·        Ask the inspector about the reason for the visit and ask for details explaining the method of inspection.

·        Personally take the inspector directly to where he or she needs to go.

·        Make a copy of any documents you give to the inspector.

When dealing with the inspector keep the meeting professional. Answer the inspector’s questions honestly but only provide answers for the question asked, do not try and elaborate.  Also do not give an inspector free-reign over your facility. You may feel confident in your compliance efforts, but you actually waive legal rights and protections if you open your company up more than needed.